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Whole Life Insurance with Whole Life Insurance Pie

What is Whole Life Insurance?

Whole life insurance is permanent life insurance with cash value, death benefits, and guaranteed premiums. It is a type of life insurance that allows for the potential to increase the value of your policy in death benefits or while living through dividends. Find out more by calling us at 888-392-7773.

Why Purchase Whole Life Insurance with Whole Life Insurance Pie?

When you purchase whole life insurance with Whole Life Insurance Pie, you get a lifetime of protection, cash value that you can use while living, consistent payments every year, and the ability to put more money in the policy with tax benefits. Whole Life Insurance Pie offers competitive rates and expert assistance to respond to all of your questions and concerns.

Types of Whole Life Insurance Policies

There are different types of whole life insurance policies to choose from. These include joint life and survivor insurance, family income insurance, modified whole life insurance, graded premium whole life insurance, vanishing premium whole life insurance, single premium whole life insurance, and credit life insurance policies. When you call Whole Life Insurance Pie at 888-392-7773, our friendly customer service reps will help you to compare the different options and decide which is most suited to your needs.

Just call Whole Life Insurance Pie today at 888-392-7773 to get your free life insurance quotes right away!

Joint and Survivor Insurance

When you need coverage for more than one person (usually within a marriage or partnership), the benefits will be available only if both covered individuals pass away. You can also choose between first-to-die and second-to-die options. The benefit of this type of whole life insurance policy is that it has lower premiums. It is especially useful for paying estate taxes after both individuals pass away.

Family Income Insurance

Family income insurance policies pay a monthly amount from time that the insured individual passes up until a set date in the future. This type of policy has a decreasing term.

Modified Whole Life Insurance

With modified whole life insurance, you will have a somewhat higher premium for the first five years. After this five year period, your premium will increase up to somewhat more than the original rate.

Graded Premium Whole Life Insurance

You get a lower premium to begin with when you choose a graded premium whole life insurance policy. It will increase each year until it reaches a level amount.

Vanishing Premium Life Insurance

If your dividends can be expected to cover future premium payments, then a vanishing premium policy may be perfect for your needs.

Single Premium Life Insurance

This type of whole life insurance is paid for by one person with one premium payment for death benefits. You'll want to consider this option carefully before choosing it because it can affect your taxes as taxable income.

Credit Life Insurance

With credit life insurance, if you pass away, your loans will be covered so that your family doesn't end up having to concern themselves with these debts. You will be protected against financial loss if death occurs before the completion of the loan.

To figure out which of these options will best suit your needs, call Whole Life Insurance Pie at 888-392-7773.

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