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Lyndeborough, NH Whole Life Insurance with Whole Life Insurance Pie

Protect Your Loved Ones!

The primary reason to choose whole life insurance in Lyndeborough, NH is to protect your loved ones from the unexpected. You get consistent premium payments with a policy that builds cash value over time. This means that if you pass away, your family will have support and financial security, and while you live, you have the ability to reach your financial goals.

Earn Dividends

When you get a Lyndeborough, NH whole life insurance policy, you can be eligible to receive dividends to increase your life insurance and improve your cash value. Dividends are not guaranteed, however. They are one of the great benefits of whole life insurance, and most people are able to receive dividends.

Death Benefits

Your whole life insurance policy will last for the duration of your life, providing permanent protection. The premiums are consistent, and your coverage amount is guaranteed to stay the same. No matter what happens to you in the future, your decision to purchase whole life insurance today is going to remain as a secure safety net for your loved ones with death benefits guaranteed.

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Whole Life Insurance in Lyndeborough, NH

When Should You Consider Purchasing Whole Life Insurance in Lyndeborough, NH?

If you want to make sure that you have a permanent life insurance policy that will last for the duration of your life, you should consider purchasing whole life insurance. You should be sure that you will be able to afford the premiums without struggling with your other day to day expenses, and you want to know that the policy fits into your plans for the future, including your retirement goals.

What if You Want to Borrow From the Whole Life Insurance Policy?

It is possible to borrow from your whole life insurance policy if you have enough funds to secure the loan that you're seeking. Your cash value will be the collateral, and you will be charged interest as indicated within your policy. If you pass away, then the outstanding amount owed on the loan will be subtracted from your benefits. However, you may have to endure a waiting period of as much as three years before your loan is available to you. For this reason, most people find that other avenues of lending are more appropriate and convenient for their needs.

What if You Want to Surrender the Whole Life Insurance Policy for Cash Value?

It is usually possible to surrender your Lyndeborough, NH whole life insurance policy for its cash value if you choose traditional whole life insurance. The cash value will grow over time, much like equity with your home. You are entitled to receive a portion of this cash value at the time that you choose to surrender the life insurance policy. How much of this you will receive will depend upon whether or not you have unpaid premiums or outstanding loans.

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